Female Fancy Guppies Pictures

Female Fancy Guppies
Asking an aquarium owner how to breed fancy guppies is a bit like asking one how to keep the fish wet. As long as you have a male and a female fancy guppy in your tank, breeding will take place. But, if the goal is to breed fancy guppies to get viable, attractive, or even show-quality guppy fry, the answer to the question becomes more complex.
Aquariums Female Fancy Guppies
The first step in any successful guppy breeding program is choosing the male and female individual fish you want to breed. A bunch of fancy guppies in a communal tank will breed indiscriminately and produce many different color and pattern variations as well as wild type gray guppies.
Adult Female Fancy Guppies
These fish hardly need moonlight and roses to get in the mood for breeding, but aquarium set up can still be important. Male fancy guppies will chase female to the point of exhaustion. Provide hiding holes or dense natural plants to give the female a chance to get away from her pursuor when she needs to. A small fish tank is ideal for breeding just one pair of fancy guppies.
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