Breeding Clown Loach

Breeding Clown Loach
  1. A few weeks before the spawning occurred, the Clown Loaches changed their normal behaviour and accepted no other food than live fish.
  2. In this case, four Clown Loaches measuring over 10 inches (25 centimetres) were kept together in a planted aquarium.
  3. The water temperature was 84 degrees Fahrenheit. The ammonia and nitrite levels were kept at zero, and the nitrate level below 25. The pH was 6.5.
  4. If your Clown Loaches spawn, you should remove the fish from the aquarium afterwards since they will otherwise eat the eggs.
  5. The fry grew comparatively fast and had reached a length of 1 inch (2.5 centimetres) after 6 weeks. The Clown Loach fry were given liquid fry food during their first two weeks.

Breeding Leopard Danios

Breeding Leopard Danios
  1. Two fish will form a breeding pair which they often keep for life. If you wish to retain the young, the breeding tank should be empty except for a two inch layer of large (.5- 1 inch in diameter) glass marbles.
  2. Add the female to the tank and let her settle for about a day before adding the male. When they are both in the tank, adding a few cups of cold water will cause the courtship to begin.
  3. If conditions are favorable, the female will release her eggs in open water and the male will fertilize. The eggs will then sink to the bottom and fall through the marbles, out of their parents reach.
  4. The fry will emerge from the marbles after about 7 days. At that time or before, parents should either be removed or kept constantly well fed.

Breeding Tiger Barbs

Breeding Tiger Barbs

The breeding tank should have a thin layer or no substrate and a few leafy plants.
They usually will spawn the morning after being introduced to the tank, a partial water change can also induce spawning. The female is the more active partner and will lead in the courtship.

After chasing and false matings the pair will spawn in the plants, with the partners coming alongside each other and the male twisting around the female.

The transparent eggs will hatch in about 24 hours at a temperature of 75°.
Tigers Barbs must be fed the finest of food like Brine shrimp Nauplii, once a little growth has taken place they are fairly easy to raise. Tigers Barbs are spawn eaters and should be removed from the tank right after mating.

American Flag Fish Breeding

American Flag Fish Breeding

The pair should be placed in a spawning tank of their own furnished with many fine-leafed plants.

The eggs are laid each day, in previously dug pits in the substrate or in the plants.

The spawning process continues for several days until as many as 80 eggs are laid. The eggs are guarded by the male and hatch in 6-9 days.

Remove the female after spawning is complete.
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