Cherry Shrimp Tank Mates

Cherry Shrimp Tank Mates - In their natural environment, cherry shrimp are primarily prey animals. When kept in an aquarium, they are easily targeted by fish as potential food, even fish too small to eat them they may harass them and stress them to death, sometimes biting off limbs.

For best results breeding should take place in isolation. Small, non-aggressive fish such as dwarf rasabora, neon tetra and cardinal tetra, otocinclus catfish, and some species of killifish can be kept with adult cherry shrimp as well as dwarf gouramis, but are other than the otocinclus & some other herbivorous fish, are likely to eat any baby shrimp. Most cichlids, including angel fish, will harass and readily eat adults as well. With enough cover and hiding spaces, live plants such as moss work well, one can have a colony of cherry shrimp survive in a tank with larger fish preying on them. Cherry Shrimp Tank Mates By: Wikipedia
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